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EasyHit Shotgun Sight is the only fiber optic sight used by Mr. Tom Knapp to complete a new world record of shooting individually 10 simultaneously hand thrown clay targets in the air!
Witnessed and certified October 2004 in Nashville TN

No damage to your shotgun
Easy Mounting - no tools required
Strong aerospace aluminum housing
Built of the best fiber material available
No adjustment necessary
Fits most ribbed shotguns
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EasyHit works!!! That's the difference between EasyHit and other fiber optic sights!

Average trap shooters have increased their score by up to 10-20% the first day. More experienced trap shooters will see more smoked clays, boosting their confidence and keeping their concentration level high during competitions.

EasyHit’s hollow-tube design permits your eye, when in direct line with the sighting platform, to see the bright color bead. If your head is not in the correct position on the stock comb, you will not be able to see the sight picture. If you are “opposite eye dominant”, your outside eye will not be able to see into the hollow tube and create a phony sight picture. This unique design feature allows you to shoot with both eyes open. As you look past the sight at the target, the bright bead of the EasyHit fiber optic sight will automatically be in your sight picture, making you a more accurate shooter.

EasyHit dramatically improves visualization in low light and against blurred and dark backgrounds.

A bead which emits a clear and distinct beam in all light conditions without the aid of batteries, diodes, or other sensitive components is of enormous value to hunters and shooters of all categories.

EasyHit is easily mounted on the rib with an adhesive tape that is strong enough to hold the weight of a man.

We Recommend The 5 1/4" Long Sportshooting Length
5 ¼” Sportshooting Bead – this is the best choice for shooting Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, and Wing Hunting with the sky as the background. Also perfect for dusk and dawn wing shots since the fiber will be glowing nicely.

Choose from 2 Bead Sizes:
3.0 mm - tends to be brighter and easier to acquire
2.5 mm – tends to be more accurate and force more correction of eye dominance issues.

Choose from 2 Colors:
Fluorescent Red/Orange
Fluorescent Green

Easy Hit Fiber Optic Shotgun Shooting Sight
Easy Hit Fiber Optic Shotgun Shooting Sight Your Price Only: $24.99

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Champion Traps & Targets

Acquire your target faster
Shoot with both eyes open
Easy to install
Won’t fall off
Gathers more light than competitive products
Effective for low light shooting
Helps keep your head in the proper position
Available in two colors

Solves eye dominance problems for faster target acquisition.

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